With more than 40 years of experience and a diverse knowledge of real estate, real estate investment, business and real estate law, Avi Rosen can get you from where you are to where you need to be. Please read below some of Avi's REAL Life success stories:



Avi Rosen on TV!

Avi Rosen wins another case for Gord. After the win, CTV interviews Gord and Avi. For the full details of the story, please click here.

Avi Rosen with Pat Foran from CTV News

Avi Rosen with Pat Foran from CTV News

Success Story #1

Jim wanted to sell his home but it needed some work done.  It needed a little T.L.C., so he could sell it for the best price possible.

  • Cost of living is very high and Jim wants to move to a better location.

  • Jim pays too much in real estate taxes.

  • Jim doesn’t know which of the trades are reliable and reasonable.

Solution by Avi Rosen…

  • I called the best trades I knew that were reasonable to do the work at a fraction of the cost.

  • We completed the basement so Jim can get an extra income.

  • We sold over market price.

Success Story #2

Larry heard that all of his friends were making it big in fixer-uppers.  He didn’t know how to start.

1.    He didn’t know where to find the right property.

2.    He didn’t know what to fix and what to leave.

3.    He wanted to create equity fast with minimal cash up front.

Solution by Avi Rosen…

1.    I found him the right property.

2.    We did some renovations.

3.    We put the property on the market, sold it and made a profit.


Success Story #3.  

Sylvia had a dream.  She didn’t want to work for anyone else.

1.    Sylvia wanted to be independent.

2.    She wanted to accomplish her dreams by having her own business.

3.    She called me and told me about her dreams.

Solution by Avi Rosen…

1.    I helped Sylvia find the perfect business location for her and her dreams.

2.    I helped her get the financing she needed.

3.    I guided her with a step-by-step instruction on how to run the business.

I helped Sylvia with setting up her store.  She is independent and happy.

What people say about Avi Rosen:

His 40 years experience and specialized knowledge in the field of real estate made him stand out in the crowd and his excellent organizational and interpersonal skills were successful and instrumental in my complete satisfaction in selling my condo and purchasing another one.I.S.

Avi’s experience in real estate over 35 years using the finest tools and techniques and principles and strategies will get your home sold for the best possible price.

I shall recommend you to all my friends and I know that your fugure clients will be as happy and grateful as I am today!” J.

As soon as Avi Rosen started working the case, I found him to be honest and dedicated and he went far and above what he was called to do in defending my case.” – A.A.

"Thank you for all your help in resolving my Commercial lease ‎issue. All my requests were met in the most professional and supportive manner. My overwhelming experience was lightened with your great attitude and detailed approach. Kindest regards." - D.M.

I won my case at the Landlord/ tenant tribunal this morning. Mr.Rosen did a great job representing me. Thank you for everything." - L.V.M.

"I would like to thank you very much for suggesting Avi Rosen as paralegal help to us.
We were very happy to meet him. Avi understood our case well and gave us confidence that we will get our home back from the tenant. He was very knowledgeable. He's an extremely friendly and warm person. We hope not to be in the similar situation again but if we need any help in future we will always go back to Avi
." - A. & S. J.

I have been instructed by Ali to inform you... And very Happily inform you the tenant is officially OUT!!! buyers will come in to take a final look today. apparently he moved out saturday and sellers went in again today to make sure.Avi thanks for all your help.”- J. 

Hello Avi and Vinissa,
It was a wonderful and informative presentation that you did for our brokerage.  We really appreciate the time you took to come up to Barrie. The use of the questions was very engaging in the presentations.  As you noticed our agents were thoroughly engaged with what you had to say.  I look forward to having you back up. - Ron O’Neil, Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. Brokerage

Dear Vincent, Nick and Avi

I want to specially thank you all for your excellent service during the litigation against my former unreasonable tenant. Your professionalism at all times contributed immensely to the resolution of the problem. Enjoy the  year ! and God bless you.”- E.A.

Thank you so much Avi Rosen and your wonderful staff for all your dedicated work on our case. We had a tricky case with our home sellers and contacted Avi after we failed to resolve the issues with the sellers by our own. Avi and his team are very knowledgeable and provided us structure and guidance and a strong commitment to resolving the issues. The communication with him and his team was excellent - thank you Vincent and Nicholas! I was always able to speak to either Avi or his team members and was up to date with what was happening with our case. We felt confident and were very satisfied with the results. The fees are more than reasonable and they work well beyond the expected working day hours. Avi’s knowledge and experience is top notch and we loved his honesty and openness. We highly recommend his services for whatever your needs may be. Thanks again for everything, Avi!”-A.S & A.S

“Dear Mr.  Avi Rosen, My special thanks to you and your team for a wonderful job that you did on helping me resolving the tenant issue. Please convey my thanks to Nicholas Paesano and Vincent Bozic, who have been very patient and generous with their time in answering all my questions and concerns in dealing with the matter.  They went above their duties to communicate with me and guide me threading through the legal procedures even after the matter has been resolved. Their professionalism and knowledge are greatly appreciated. I will certainly recommend your service.”- CV

Avi, It was great to bring our historical relationship into the 21st century. I have never forgotten how kind you always were when you spoke. Glad to see you are still on the front line. God be with you! Your buddy commercial agent-Thank You!”-AB

Avi! It’s been a pleasure knowing you!! You are a debonair gentleman just like my dad use to be!!
— N/A