Real Estate Services

With 50 years of experience in the real estate industry, I am here to assist you and to put my knowledge at work for you. 

Alternatively, you can find Avi’s answers to some of the frequently answered questions here.


Buying or selling a business or Franchise? Can you trust the buyer or seller? Get a full report!

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  • Corporate Profile Report, Business Name search

  • PSSA /Search litigation Search Federal

  • Bankruptcy search

  • Insolvency, Writ of-of Execution, Litigation

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Are you looking to rent or invest in a condo?

Let me help elevate some of the stress involved in the process by offering you my service in rental management for condo owners/investors. These services include :

  • Monthly and yearly accounting statements

  • Complete condominium insurance

  • 24/7 Emergency service

  • Online client portal

  • Full service leasing across the G.T.A.

  • Comprehensive marketing for your suite

  • Rapid monthly rent collection

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Legal team specializing in landlord-tenant law

HomelifeVision Realty Inc. 

Avi Rosen, Broker.

  • My experience extends to the purchase and sale of properties, as well as providing first class service to thousands of clients for a purchase and/or sale of properties.

  • As a real estate broker, I can be of great value to you and your clients with evaluations, and many other services prior to the sale or purchase of a property.

  • My fees are reasonable, allowing a lower cost to your clients.

  • I look forward to speaking with you about the vast amenities I can provide.


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Having Landlord-tenant conflict?

Sylvia is one of my clients.  She owned a multi-unit apartment similar to yours.  She decided to rent out the units on her own.  The last unit Sylvia rented on her on was rented to “tenants from hell”.

The tenants from hell made a complete mess out of her property.  In short, they brought in 4 dogs, they made holes in the walls and they destroyed bathrooms and bedrooms with dog feces all over the walls, backyard and kitchen.

Having Landlord-Tenant disputes? Call Avi Rosen today!

Having Landlord-Tenant disputes? Call Avi Rosen today!

Sylvia’s property was going downhill fast, and could not be rented in its present condition.  Sylvia retained me to evict those tenants, and improve her property for rental purposes, and much more.

Here is what I did for her:

  • Foremost, I evicted out the tenants from hell through the Landlord Tenant Board

  • The tenants didn’t pay the rent owing for a few months. We sued them in Small Claims Court and were successful.

  • I was then able to make improvements to the property for a reasonable cost.

  • I used my best sources and I found new tenants with A1 credit for the property at a much higher rent. (I am a Real Estate Broker as well as a Paralegal)

  • In addition, Sylvia was concerned with paying high real estate taxes. I suggested to Sylvia that she should make a Property Tax Application for reconsideration of her Real Estate Taxes. I began a tax review of her real estate Taxes.

  • I took care of everything for Sylvia from valuations and attendance hearings to sales analyses for property assessment in order to reduce her taxes and evaluate the relative fairness of her assessments.

  • Further, Sylvia had a very serious dispute with one of her other tenants, which I was able to take action on her behalf and win the case for her.

  • Lastly, Sylvia decided to sell her multi units and reinvest elsewhere. I found Sylvia a buyer to purchase her property and also found Sylvia a different multi unit which she was able to purchase.

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Avi can help you!

That's why brokerages are using Avi Rosen's know-how to help their agents