Legal Services

My vast experience encompasses real estate administration, leasing, development, leasehold improvements, management, and the sale of professional practices, sale of residential and commercial property.

Never walk away from another legal issue which may be controversial or complicated in your real estate profession!


Landlord Tenant Disputes? 

Small claims court? 

Before 'RECO' ? 

Or another legal issue?  


I have the tools for resolving legal issues about landlord-tenant disputes, small claims court, broken promises, RECO matters, violated expectations, and bad behavior!

If you use my services, I guarantee you will be more empowered by tapping into the collective brainpower of our team of lawyers, paralegals, and real estate brokers with decades of experience, enhancing your credibility, accountability, execution, and resolution. My analysts will look into every legal situation you may encounter in your real estate profession. 


Permanently RESOLVE Landlord-tenant disputes!

Transform FAILED and BROKEN real estate agreements into productive accountability!

STRENGTHEN relationships with your clients while solving Legal Problems! 


Small Claims Court Matters & Landlord-Tenant Disputes

 I can assist you with litigation support such as…

  • Defending lawyers before the Law Society of Upper Canada for tribunals and hearings
  • Mediation
  • Contractual disputes including leases and mortgages and real estate disputes as an expert witness
  • Real Estate legal research
  • Real Estate fraud research and investigations
  • Purchase and sale of legal practices
  • Valuation of legal professional practices
  • Enhancement of your professional credibility
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Small Claims Court matters
  • Expert Witness on any real estate issues
  • Previously licensed with the OPP
  • Legal Research
  • Court appearances
  • Discoveries
  • Background Searches
  • Drafting of Pleadings, Affidavits of Documents, Factums, Materials for Pre-Trials and/or Mediations, Statements of Law on specific issues.


For situations where high stakes are involved and you may need legal advice, I invite you to come and talk to me. If it's a legal dispute , My proven legal techniques may assist you with your legal dilemma.
My techniques and skills enable us to win.
You are invited to come and talk to me with no obligations!

 Avi meeting with Realtors seeking his advice

Avi meeting with Realtors seeking his advice

 Avi makes a presentation to the legal community! Call Avi Rosen today.

Avi makes a presentation to the legal community! Call Avi Rosen today.

Both professionals and clients rely on Avi's know-how to help them face the law! Call Avi today!